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Old King Cole's Tale: Unlocking Coverages E and F in Insurance

Updated: Jan 2

Once upon a time, in a merry kingdom, there lived a jovial and music-loving ruler named Ol’ King Cole. He was renowned for his passion for dancing, music, and throwing grand parties that couldn't be surpassed. The kingdom’s joyous festivities were the talk of the land, and King Cole was the heart and soul of every celebration.

Ol' King Cole dancing

Ol’ King Cole is described in the upcoming book Once Upon A Claim: Fairy Tales to Protect Your Ass(ets) as:

He loved to dance and move his feet,

And throw parties that couldn't be beat.

But one night, as he danced with glee,

He twisted his back and couldn't break free.

In his merry dance, he stepped on Mary's toes,

His partner stumbled and fell on her nose;

She cried in pain, with tears in her eyes,

And King Cole realized it wasn't wise.

King Cole’s misstep led to an unfortunate accident, leaving his dear friend Mary injured. This unforeseen incident raised questions about responsibility and the need for protection, just as the lessons of Coverages E and F within the HO-3 policy do.

Ol’ King Cole was a kind and compassionate monarch. His kingdom believed in looking out for one another and ensuring everyone’s well-being. The moral of Ol’ King Cole’s story echoes the importance of these coverages within the HO-3 policy. Just as King Cole’s insurance shielded him and Mary from financial hardships during an unexpected incident, homeowners should ensure they have adequate coverage to protect themselves and others.

So, dear readers, as you dance through life's merry moments, remember the lessons of King Cole and the significance of Coverages E and F. They are not mere provisions but shields that provide peace of mind and ensure you can continue living your life with joy and harmony.

May your celebrations be as joyful as King Cole’s, and may your insurance provide the protection you and your kingdom deserve.

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