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Covering Risks, Super Bowl Kicks

Super Bowl on screen

Roses are red, violets are blue,  

In the Super Bowl, we cheer both the Chiefs and 49ers, too!  

A match-up so grand, it lights up the night,  

But in the world of insurance, not all bets are right.

For the Chiefs, their speed, a sight so bold,  

Like a lightning-fast claim, when insured and told.  

And the 49ers, strong as a fortuitous loss,  

Covered by policies, no coin to toss.

But here's a twist, so listen, my friend,  

In insurance, there's something you can't bend.  

They cover the sudden, unexpected plight,  

Not the speculative losses, like a Super Bowl fight.

So bet on the Chiefs, if you may dare,  

But in the insurance world, they won't care.  

For they're in the business of the unforeseen,  

Not the scores of a game, or a betting scene.

Two teams, one dream, in a clash of might,  

Yet in insurance terms, it's a different sight.  

They'll cover your home, your car, even your health,  

But Super Bowl bets? Not adding to their wealth.

So as we watch these Titans clash and strive,  

Remember, in insurance, only certain risks thrive.  

For losses unforeseen, they've got your back,  

But for a Chiefs win? That's off the track!

In the end, it's all in good fun,  

A game, a spectacle, under the sun.  

So here's to the Chiefs, and the 49ers, with cheer,  

May the best team win, let's get loud and clear! 🏈🎉

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