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Behind Once Upon A Claim: A Journey of Discovery and Inclusion

Every book has a story behind it - not just within its pages, but in its creation. Crafting Once Upon A Claim was a venture filled with enlightening discoveries, delightful surprises, and some tough decisions. Today, I want to pull back the curtain and share a bit of that adventure with you.

photo of Mary and Clint
Mary and Clint

First, let me introduce Mary, my virtual assistant, the unsung hero behind the research for the book. With patience and dedication, she researched several fairy tales and fables, bringing forth tales both familiar and new. And then there’s Clint, Mary’s talented son, who brought the stories to life with his illustrations. Their combined effort was instrumental in piecing together this intricate puzzle.

One of the most intriguing parts of the journey was the process of selecting tales that matched the insurance morals I aimed to convey. I initially envisioned using “The Emperor’s New Clothes” to illustrate product liability claims. It seemed perfect: an emperor, duped by weavers, and a town that played along. However, as the chapters evolved, I found that “Rock-A-Bye Baby” better captured the essence of the concept. Such decisions were frequent, and every change meant revisiting the drawing board, reimagining the illustrations, and re-aligning the lessons.

But the standout challenge was “Cinderella.” A tale so rich in insurance implications that it had me musing over an entire spin-off book centered around it! The familiar glass slipper story took on myriad forms, each with its nuances. I was drawn towards diversifying the tales, reflecting the vast tapestry of global cultures. Thus began the search for alternative Cinderella stories.

Exploring the Indian, Chinese, and Middle Eastern renditions of Cinderella was an enlightening experience. These tales, though rooted in different cultures, resonated with the universal themes of resilience, hope, and justice. Incorporating them was not just about diversity but about inclusion. I wanted readers, irrespective of age, to see a reflection of varied cultures, to find familiarity amidst the foreign.

However, the journey was not without its regrets. Despite our best efforts, we couldn’t find suitable tales from Native American, South American, or African folklore. These cultures, rich in storytelling traditions, remain on my wish list. They symbolize the never-ending quest for knowledge and representation, reminding me that the journey of Once Upon A Claim is far from over.

In essence, writing this book was akin to weaving a tapestry from threads of tales, morals, and cultures. Each thread was chosen with care, ensuring the final picture was not only educational but also inclusive. As readers dive into the insurance world through fairy tales, I hope they appreciate the tapestry’s intricate details, each chosen with thought, love, and a touch of the unexpected.

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