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A Sonnet for Shakespeare Week and Fairy Fun

Image by Taha from Unsplash

In fair Verona, where we lay our scene,

It’s Shakespeare Week, a time so bright and keen.

The bard’s immortal words, they still enthrall,

As we celebrate, one and all.

But hark, there’s more to this enchanting tale,

For springtime’s magic fills the fairy dale.

Begonia Gemforest, a sprite so fair,

With floral wings that flutter in the air.

She’s not just any fairy, you’ll soon see,

A wondrous adjuster, wise and free.

In Once Upon A Claim, her role unfolds,

To teach of insurance in tales untold.

For just as Shakespeare’s words, forever true,

Insurance matters to me and you.

So let us gather ‘round this springtime mirth,

To celebrate the bard and fairies’ birth.

And as the flowers bloom and birds take flight,

There’s something special to ignite your sight.

Pre-order the book, the fairy’s decree,

And join us in this wondrous jubilee.

In verse and prose, we’ll learn to understand,

How insurance works, so lend us your hand.

To Begonia Gemforest, we raise our voice,

In this fairy tale, she’ll help you make your choice.

So pre-order today, don’t miss your chance,

To learn with fairies in this grand romance.

In verse and rhyme, insurance will be clear,

And springtime’s magic, you’ll hold dear.


Pre-Order Now and Join the Fairy Tale Fun!

Preorder link is available on the home page. 

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