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A Holiday Poem

Updated: Jan 2

mock up cover of Once Upon a Claim: Fairy Tales to Protect Your Assets

In the season of cheer, with snowflakes so light,

I’ve a tale to share, both merry and bright.

A book in the making, a gift yet to come,

On May 11, 2024, the journey’s begun.

Once upon a time, in the world of blog feeds,

A tale was unfolding, with joy in its seeds.

A book, like a present, all wrapped up with care,

Promising stories to captivate and ensnare.

The title, you ask? Oh, it’s quite a delight,

Once Upon A Claim, to protect day and night.

With lessons of insurance, so cleverly spun,

In tales of enchantment, for everyone.

Imagine the classics, the tales we all know,

Reimagined and polished, with a brand-new glow.

Fairy tales, fables, and nursery rhyme lore,

Blend with insurance to offer much more.

Now, on this fine Christmas, with joy all around,

Let’s explore this book in rhyme so profound.

May it pique your interest, may it catch your eye,

As we delve into stories that reach for the sky.

In Once Upon A Claim, set to arrive,

On May 11, 2024, and help you survive,

The world of insurance, complex and vast,

With whimsy and wisdom, it’s sure to hold fast.

Picture a Cinderella, who doesn’t just dance,

She finds the right policy, as if by chance.

A policy that fits like a slipper of old,

Protecting her assets, worth more than gold.

Or imagine Jack, with his magic beanstalk,

And a policy that’s solid as an oak.

It grows and it thrives, just like the beanstalk,

Ensuring his future won't suffer a shock.

Little Red Riding Hood, with her basket of treats,

Finds an insurance agent, whose guidance she meets.

He leads her through forests, both wild and unknown,

Ensuring her journey won’t leave her alone.

Now, the Boy Who Cried “Claim,” beware of his tales,

For honesty’s virtue, this book unveils.

With ethical lessons that shine through and through,

It reminds us to act with honor and truth.

So, as Christmas bells chime, and snowflakes fall,

Consider this gift, come May, one and all.

A book that enchants, as it educates,

In the world of insurance, it truly relates.

With whimsical tales, and illustrations to share,

Once Upon A Claim is a book that you'll care.

About deeply and dearly, and cherish with glee,

For it's more than a story; it’s knowledge set free.

So, mark May 11, 2024, on your chart,

As the day to embark on this wondrous art.

And until then, my friends, in the holiday cheer,

May your days be merry and your hearts full of cheer!

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